Tritheos is an experience and a Title, of grit, determination and triumph. Sure, it is another triathlon for anyone looking in. But for those at the start line, it is a coming together of all the efforts, sacrifices and small wins.
We are setting the bar high. Athletes crossing the finish line are glorious, no doubt, but the Title comes only to those whose journey finishes at the podium.

Under the banner of Athletic Insights, we have been conducting FREE workshops and info sessions for amatuer athletes for the last 3 years with renowned athletes, coaches, sports doctors and nutritionists. We not only organize events where you can compete against the best, but we help you prepare well for the tough competition.

You can look forward to a series of workshops that include training and outdoor camps for Triathlons, Duathlons, Open Water swimming, Cross/Endurance training workshops, Bootcamps, and equipment maintenance. If you have an idea for a workshop or would like a topic covered, do get in touch.

When you sign up with Athletic Insights for a workshop or a talk, you can be guaranteed time well spent. We prepare you for the long haul, to persevere. We invite athletes, coaches and other trained professionals to conduct these sessions with the objective of providing you an insight into aspects of your athletic pursuits.

The Cogs & Wheels of Effective Cycle Training
You love cycling and are perhaps even passionate about it. You may even have goals and want to get better
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Heart Rate Variability
Anand Hatwalne and Aditya Kelkar will take the HR based training series ahead with focus a on Heart Rate Variability
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Injury Free Endurance Training
1. Common injuries and their causes: * We will review the commonly seen injuries in endurance events like running and
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