A talk on introduction to Running by Power principle

In today’s modern world – humans are constantly pushing the boundaries of science and technology.
When it comes to Endurance sports, plethora of devices, gadgets and means of planning, monitoring and analyzing the workouts have emerged in the last decade or so.

Especially for runners, training by paces and perceived effort have been the key foundational principles. Some athletes are also training smart by incorporating Heart Rate into their training.

For last 3-4 years, Running Power meter has emerged as one of the additional means of training and racing. When you are running by perceived effort – this is essentially putting a hard number around that feeling. For data driven athletes, this is nothing short of a goldmine for producing training insights.

This talk is meant to introduce you to the Running by Power principle. Without going into the complexity of the topic (but providing enough insights for you to explore this field), it touches on the “why”, “what” and “how” parts of using Running Power in one’s training. Stryd is the pioneer in this field and hence the talk focuses mainly on this device. It also presents a real-life scenario of how a race was planned and executed using Power.

A Power meter completely revolutionised the way Cycling pros went about doing their training in the later part of last century. Will it do the same for Running in this century? Only time will tell.

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Following advisory to limit public gatherings, we are have postponed this event to later in this year. New dates will be announced as soon as feasible. Thank you for all those who registered, we will be in touch with you.