We are seeing a huge leap in individuals taking up athletic activities, be it running, cycling, swimming, triathlons, hiking, ultras, trekking, micro adventures – basically everything that involves moving yourself around. We are trying to fill this vacuum created by the hunger to do better, to excel, to exceed the limits. No fancy tricks, no overnight miracles. Just pure science, experience and expertise. Believe us, we have been athletes for years and thought we had seen it all until we started applying the insights.

Athletic Insights is just the platform you are looking for. It is guaranteed that you will gain practical knowledge about your chosen activity. The insights our experts provide will open up a world of possibilities. Only you can set the limits thereafter.

Events under Athletic Initiatives will help you practice what you learn. We will expose you to competition, to a variety of challenges and a world class racing experience.

Samir is a runner and a long distance cyclist when he’s not organizing athletic events. Being the Race Director for Pune’s popular Half Marathon in both 2013, and 2014, he knows what athletes look for when they race, better than most. He has completed several Cycling BRMs and an Ultra Marathon. He is happier running on trails than on the roads and is the go to man for all tech troubles.

Asheer is a half marathoner soon to join the full marathoner’s club. He makes time from running two fast growing business to run as well as organize athletic events. His specialty lies in keeping our team focused on the task at hand and minimizing distractions.

Nalanda is a half marathoner and triathlete who loves working out at the gym as much as she enjoys athletics. With several podium positions in half marathon and triathlons, she often combines travel with race events. She applies best practices picked up from racing at different venues to AI events. Nalanda often dreams of lazing around with a book and good coffee when running and, of running when she is sleeping.

As the proprietor at ‘Earthwise’, Manjiri has been practicing as a ‘Facilitator in Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning’ workshops for the last 18 years. She has been an avid trekker and wildlife enthusiast for over 30 years. Manjiri is also a passionate marathon runner and has close to a dozen half marathons under her belt. Her experience as an outdoors person is very valuable for long athletic distance events.