Distance Running – To run long, think long

Date: Sunday, 15 May 2016 | Speaker: Anand Hatwalne

Athletic Insights presents an evening of learning with one of our very popular speakers, Anand Hatwalne.

A goal without a plan is just a hope.

You love running, maybe you are also passionate about it. You want to get better at it.  You have goals.

That’s all very good! But, do you have a plan?

How do you go about planning your distance running? What should you be looking at for achieving your goals?
How do you plan your short term steps without losing sight of the longer term picture? What should you NOT do or should avoid?
Find out when we discuss all these questions and more.

The talk will address the importance of identifying and setting goals, with some samples. We will then discuss breaking down your long term goals into appropriate phases/cycles. We’ll touch upon the importance of each phase and how it correlates with the principles of exercise physiology.

By the end of talk you would have a fair idea of how you should go about planning for your goals and also why you are required to do certain workouts and certain auxiliary things to ensure long term Running success.

Who should attend?
Recreational Athletes who don’t have a long term goal would benefit from understanding why a long term strategy is required.
Athletes who take their running seriously and would like to go about planning their training to achieve their long term goals.

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Photos of the session can be found here.