Heart Rate Variability

Date: Saturday, 3 February 2018 (5:15-6:45pm)

Speaker: Anand Hatwalne and Aditya Kelkar

Venue: Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture office, ICC Trade Tower, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, India

Athletes are always asking questions related to training.

– Am I stressing my systems optimally?
– Am I stressing them too less or too much?

Too less of stress = Undertraining = Less Progress
Too much of stress = Overreaching, Overtraining = No progress

Recovery is often the most neglected and unglamorous aspect of training.

Very few people ask questions related to recovery:
– Have I recovered enough from the last workout/race?
– Is my body ready to handle today’s workout?

What if we told you, your body is perfectly capable of telling you the answer to the above questions?
What if we told you, just “listening to your body” is not a cool sentence; but you can actually measure and act upon it?

At the end of a previous talk “Smart Heart Rate Training”, we touched upon the HRV (Heart Rate Variability).
From its use in the medical field, HRV has quickly emerged as a valuable tool for athletes to train optimally. It’s now time to take a closer look.

The talk will be divided into two parts.

For those not yet familiar with it; the first part will cover the basics of HRV, why one should care (and how). It will cover the hardware/software you’d need to go about measuring your HRV.

The second part of the talk will present a case study of an amateur Triathlete; where we will get to see how exactly this technique was used and applied throughout a training block leading up to a race. This athlete went on to achieve an age group prize in the competition. He must have done something right. What did he monitor and how?

Let’s learn and find out.