Injury Prevention

Every athlete has been into an injury zone and back at sometime in their active lives. Some for a short time and some for a really long time. It is something we live with day in – day out because we subject our bodies to the rigours of exercise. However there are simple steps we can take that will help us minimize the damage.

Dr. Ajit Mapari, Consulting sport doctor at Deccan Gymkhana Club looks at athletes like us everyday. He will be our speaker at the a session on “Injury Prevention”.

Here are the point he intends to cover in his talk:

  • Main running injuries
  • Warm up & its importance with demo
  • Importance of Cool down & stretching with demo
  • Basic guidelines on managing acute injuries
  • Typical injury symptoms during the run/cycling – cramps, muscle pull.
  • Steps for quick relief from these symptoms to prevent injury

Here is what it will NOT include:

  • Running/ training schedule
  • Nutrition
  • Details of hydration
  • Individual aches and pains that need physical examination

Photos of the session

Full video of the session