Let’s Talk Nutrition, an Athlete’s Nutrition

Date: Sunday, 27 April 2014 | Time: 5:30 to 7:00 PM | Venue: Deccan Gymkhana Club Hall, Pune. | Speaker: Priyadarshani Joshi

Nutrition, as they say, is the third most important angle of your training, besides practice and rest. It is an area most of us are curious about and rightfully so. However, we lack an authoritative and relevant source of information. Running related websites dish our generic advise, athlete bloggers tell us what worked for them. So then what works for you?

Here is your chance to make a change for good. Renowned Sports Nutritionist Priyadarshani Joshi will guide us through the kind of intake amateur athletes like us require. We subject our bodies to different levels of rigour besides a full days professional work/job. It is imperative that we treat our body well and pamper it with the right nutrition.

What the talk will cover:

1. What does nutrition for an athlete mean
2. Energy systems
3. Nutrition before, during and after endurance events like marathons.
4. Off season nutrition
5. Hydration status and its importance
6. Carbohydrate loading
7. Injury prevention through right nutrition

What the talk will NOT cover:

1. Individual nutrition needs and plans
2. Nutrition for gym enthusiasts.
3. Nutrition for elite athletes

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