Marathons: Race Planning and Execution – SCMM Special!!

Date: Sunday, 15 December 2013 | Speaker: Anand Hatwalne

A SCMM special discussion focusing on Marathon planning.

So how do you plan for the marathon, how do you analyse the route? What should your strategy be to get the best out of you? For answers to all these questions and more, we had a SCMM special talk presented by Athletic Insights! 

What the talk covered?

  • Race preparation, goal settings.
  • Taper, Race week , Pre-race day planning.
  • Race day execution: race-day morning tips, pacing, optimizing the run, nutritional strategy.
  • SCMM specific course details, tips.

What the talk did not cover?

  • How to go from zero to marathon in 60 days? We neither endorse or recommend it.
  • How to break speed records? That is best left to the East Africans!
  • Is it good to run barefoot or with shoes? That is up to you, we are neutral here.
  • How do I prevent injuries? This is a separate topic altogether and we have a session planned eventually to cover this.

Click here for photos from the event

There is no video for this session but you can see the slides below


Slides from the presentation: