Total Immersion Swimming

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Total Immersion: A skill-based approach to swimming better

Whatever your reasons for swimming—recreation, fitness, endurance, or speed–your chances of success and satisfaction will increase enormously if you approach swimming as a game of skill—rather than test of endurance. In the Total Immersion method, fitness happens while you learn and improve skills.

TI – Demos

Learning the TI technique

The primary method to learning TI is practise drills. Here are some short videos of some of the drills used. To dig deeper you might find some of the these books helpful.

Total Immersion Perpectual Motion Freestyle

Terry Laughlin, founder of TI, talks about the Perpetual Motion Freestyle stroke in this six part video. Below are the highlights.

Total Immersion – How to ‘Work Less, Swim Better’ in Triathlon

Advice from Total Immersion founder, Terry Laughlin. Terry’s presentation at USA Triathlon’s NW Regional Meeting in Boise focuses on perpetual motion freestyle for long distance swimmers. These are the highlights.

NOTE: The overlay of Part 5 incorrectly says its Part 6.

TI Talk – TI Swimming Faster Presentation.

Total Immersion Head Coach, Terry Laughlin, explains the concepts behind Total Immersion’s freestyle method to swim faster, using detail analysis of both olympic and long distance swimmers. These are the highlights.